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Magic xpa Developer

MAJIK Enterprise is written in Magic-xpa, from the world’s leading developer of RAD tools, Magic Software Enterprise (MSE). Magic xpa Application Platform provides a simple, code-free and cost-effective development and deployment environment that lets organizations and ISVs quickly create user-friendly, enterprise-grade, multi-channel mobile and desktop business apps that employ the latest advanced functionalities and technologies.

Magic software embeds at its core a rule based technology, abstracting repetitive and mundane programming chores, and enabling a high degree of agility and flexibility for solutions implemented with their products. Magic's technology stack includes a comprehensive set of resources offering compliance with leading architectures and environments.

Magic's products are therefore platform and database independent which enables Focal Point Technology to remain at the leading edge of technology whilst ensuring that we remain agile to react to local market conditions. Magic tools are deployed by millions of customers and they are used globally by such companies as IBM, Samsung, Cap Gemini Ernst Young, Phillips, Panasonic, Kodak, Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, etc. etc.

Magic Software also has a network of developers and offices and distributors in over forty countries which means that Focal Point's clients are assured of both future proof solutions and being able to obtain support from a host of companies - they are not therefore "handcuffed" to expensive maintenance renewal contracts as is the case with nearly all other mid-range ERP providers!

Other benefits of the Magic paradigm:

  • Table driven methodology- Automated version control
  • GUI, Java & HTML user interfaces - Single development model
  • Scalable architecture - Legacy Integration
  • Database independent - Platform & operating system